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Math For Money is a unique and innovative platform that helps children develop healthy money habits and financial confidence through the power of math.

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By solving math problems, children can earn pocket money that they can manage and save towards set savings targets.

With Math For Money, parents can set a monthly pocket money amount that can be unlocked each week as their child solves math challenges. The platform provides a weekly report to keep parents updated on their child's math progress and the pocket money unlocked to date.

Designed for children between the ages of 6 and 14, Math For Money offers financial education that focuses on developing numeracy skills. The platform tests problem solving, logic, and critical thinking to improve children's confidence in using and applying numbers in the real world.

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/ Creating a financially literate future generation

At Math For Money, their philosophy is based on research that shows that conceptual math skills developed from a young age have the biggest impact on financial literacy in adulthood. They focus on two core areas of numeracy: competence in using and understanding numbers, and confidence to apply them in the real world.

Math For Money is an incentive-based pocket money tool for parents that helps teach the value of hard work and rewards from a young age. The platform automatically updates parents with pocket money earnings and math progress each week, making it easy and accessible for parents to help their children develop essential life skills.