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Harnessing AI Automation for Fast Charger Diagnostics

Amplo is revolutionising the way manufacturers, maintenance providers, and CPOs diagnose and manage issues with their fast charging systems. Using the power of AI automation, Amplo's solution streamlines the reading of charger log files, enabling quick and insightful issue identification, improved system performance, and reduced manual effort.

At Amplo, their mission is to empower maintenance teams by combining machine data with human knowledge into an expert system for machine service and operations. They believe that their solution can revolutionise the industry and make AI accessible to all machine manufacturers in an easy and accessible way.

/ Machine Diagnostics made simple

Founded in June 2020, Amplo was born out of a need to fill the gap left by in-house projects that fail to deliver and external IT experts that are too expensive. They bring machine learning to IoT asset management, root cause analysis, and many other data-driven insights, providing fast and accurate EV charger diagnosis with AI automation.

With their predictive maintenance and ticket management system, Amplo helps reduce diagnosis time by 90%, ensuring that EV charging infrastructure uptime is critical to EV adoption. At Amplo, they are committed to empowering their clients by providing them with the tools they need to manage and maintain their fast charging systems effectively.