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Hillingdale Capital

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Hillingdale Capital is an independent finance firm with a global institutional investor network that connects high-quality businesses and projects with fresh capital.

They specialise in providing customised debt and equity solutions to companies seeking fresh capital, with an extensive network of institutional investors across Africa and Europe. Hillingdale's focus on sustainable energy projects is reflected in their specialised financing solutions for solar and wind companies and projects, leveraging their expertise and network to finance such ventures. They offer innovative funding options such as debt and equity financing, and their transparent process includes sharing detailed financial models, due diligence findings, and investment theses.

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Hillingdale's commitment to providing innovative, customised debt and equity solutions has earned them a reputation as an experienced finance arranger and corporate finance advisor. They offer capital structuring and sourcing for businesses and projects, taking on mandates that they believe they can add meaningful value through their practical advice and holistic finance solutions.