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6 Reasons Why Every Company Needs a Website

Why Every Company Needs a Website

Once upon a time, a company could thrive on word of mouth alone. Then came the worldwide web. At first, it was used mainly to hang out in chat rooms and look at cat videos. Now it's the largest tool used today to advertise your company and show your potential customers your amazing brand design.

Pretty much everyone who has access to the internet today uses it to search for local businesses, find products or services to purchase, and watch cute animal videos.

Are you currently on the fence about whether your company needs a website?

Today, there are 4.95 billion internet users worldwide. So, if your company doesn't have a website, that is billions of potential customers you are missing out on.

Don't let a lack of knowledge in web development hold you back. Creating a website is so easy these days. If you work with a talented design agency you can get branding and product design that makes your company stand out.

Let's talk more about why every company needs a website.

A Digital Storefront

You need to look at your website as an extension of your business. Think of it as your storefront in the digital landscape.

When you have a website, you are giving your company: a spot on the internet where billions of people can see that you exist, learn more about your company, and purchase your products or services, a place to engage with your customers through emails and newsletters, and an advantage over all your competitors who do not have a website of their own.

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I don't know about you, but when I hear about a company or see a new business pop in town, I immediately look them up online. But, if I can't find a website for them, I lose interest because the company comes off as unprofessional.

If you're still not convinced that your business needs a website, let's break down the benefits even further.

6 Ways a Website Will Benefit Your Company

Here the ways this will benefit your company:

  1. Look Professional.

    You already know how I feel about businesses that don't have websites but don't take my word for it. Eighty-four percent of today's consumers believe that having a website establishes your company's credibility above those that merely have social media pages. Having a website also allows you to create a branded email address which adds a sense of professionalism to all your correspondence.

    Ex: yourcompanyemail@aol.com looks extremely outdated and unprofessional, but yourcompanyemail@yourdomain.com shows everyone you know what you are doing.
  2. Attract New Customers

    Every company needs to have a steady flow of new customers to stay afloat and grow. The easiest way to do that online is by ranking on search engines. You can do this by placing relevant keywords on different pages of your website and writing high-quality articles that give helpful information relevant to your industry. Of course, storefronts, hanging fliers, and business cards have geographical constraints. Still, when your company has a presence online, anyone can find it.

    Ex: If you are a design agency attracting customers looking for help with brand design, you can research all the relevant keywords to use and incorporate that into your website and blog articles.
  3. Generates Leads

    A website can be a great tool to capture a customer's attention, direct them towards a call to action, and generate future leads through great web development. A call to action can be a text on your website that includes a link that prompts the user to enter their contact information. Having contact information allows you to create a list of people to contact and potentially convert them into future clients and customers.
  4. Showcases Your Products and Services

    When done right, a website is the best tool to showcase what you have to offer, whether products, services, or creative talent. When you showcase high-quality pictures and videos on your website, you can show off your products in a way that's easier for customers to consume.
  5. Display all Your Great Reviews

    Let's be honest, as a consumer, we look at reviews to give us the dirt on companies. We want to know if we're really going to get our money's worth or not. Relying on google reviews alone is not helping your business. Half the time, someone isn't going to waste time leaving a review unless they had a bad experience. That's why it's important to use your website to display your best reviews and glowing customer testimonials. You can also highlight pieces about your company that has appeared in newspapers or other well-known blogs or publications.
  6. Increase Local Exposure

    When was the last time you drove to a location you've never been before without using Google Maps? Did you know that businesses don't automatically get put on those maps? Instead, you need to create a listing for your business or claim an existing one and verify it is yours. On the listing, you can provide all the important details of your business and a link to your website. You can also embed the map feature on your website so that people who came to your page from a search engine can see exactly where you are.


I hope by now I've helped you see that having a website in today's market is essential. A website will not only help you build a presence in the world where your target audience lives, but it will also make it easier for more people to find, contact, and search for you. In addition, a website multiplies your efforts in answering inquiries, offering details, and developing your brand identity. This makes it possible for customers to form relationships with you and become clients.

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